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You Are Bidding on a FULL Uncommon SET:  1st Edition Pokémon Gym Challenge
31-59, 111-123)
This is a complete set of uncommons.  We sorted these from fresh packs into sets more than 20 years ago and kept them in storage.  Based on our years of experience, we can confidently say that these would be Near Mint or better if they were professionally graded, because we have always handled our collection with care.  Just one look at our feedback and you will see why we are your most reliable source for historic cards on eBay!
Shop with confidence, we offer free domestic shipping and returns! International Buyers: We have 100% success Worldwide, we pack using heavy duty professional mailers.  Please click on the Shipment and payments tab to get a shipping estimate.  Please bear in mind, depending on where you are, you may have to pay sales tax, GST, VAT, or other fees not included in the selling price. Join the "<1%" of Pokémon Collectors:Build your collection, or complete your set, with cards you will be proud of owning!  We are collectors and know the only thing that matters is quality, quality, quality.     Own a piece of American Pokémon History:These cards were printed by Wizards of the Coast in 2000 and Made in the USA just before Hasbro bought WOTC, then  Pokémon spun-off in 2003, which makes this set exceedingly rare because WOTC will never print these 1st Edition Pokémon cards ever again.
1st Edition Pokémon Gym Challenge The uncommon cards in this set are:  31/132 Blaine's Charmeleon, 32/132 Blaine's Dodrio, 33/132 Blaine's Rapidash, 34/132 Brock's Graveler, 35/132 Brock's Primeape, 36/132 Brock's Sandslash, 37/132 Brock's Vulpix, 38/132 Erika's Bellsprout, 39/132 Erika's Bulbasaur, 40/132 Erika's Clefairy, 41/132 Erika's Ivysaur, 42/132 Giovanni's Machoke, 43/132 Giovanni's Meowth, 44/132 Giovanni's Nidorina, 45/132 Giovanni's Nidorino, 46/132 Koga's Golbat 47/132 Koga's Kakuna, 48/132 Koga's Koffing, 49/132 Koga's Pidgey, 50/132 Koga's Weezing, 51/132 Lt. Surge's Eevee, 52/132 Lt. Surge's Electrode, 53/132 Lt. Surge's Raticate, 54/132 Misty's Dewgong, 55/132 Sabrina's Haunter, 56/132 Sabrina's Hypno, 57/132 Sabrina's Jynx, 58/132 Sabrina's Kadabra, 59/132 Sabrina's Mr. Mime, 111/132 Blaine's Quiz #2, 112/132 Blaine's Quiz #3, 113/132 Cinnabar City Gym, 114/132 Fuchsia City Gym, 115/132 Koga's Ninja Trick, 116/132 Master Ball, 117/132 Max Revive, 118/132 Misty's Tears, 119/132 Rocket's Minefield Gym, 120/132 Rocket's Secret Experiment, 121/132 Sabrina's Psychic Control, 122/132 Saffron City Gym, and 123/132 Viridian City Gym.
Error card (as per the Bulbapedia):
Rocket's Minefield Gym
1st and Normal Edition): 1st edition print of this card does not mention how many damage counters are needed to put on a Pokémon. If you decide to get these cards graded, here is useful information to help you understand the process.  Train on!
Card Grading Tips from PSA, Using the Classic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle
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To see specific examples of what Pokémon cards look like in all grades Mint to HP, or 1 - 10, check out this great explanation:
Pokemon BCBM: Base Charizards PSA Graded 1 to 10 Showing Card Quality at the different PSA Grades!
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Listing includes all common cards from this set.  Sealed inside a hard plastic box for safety.  Add to your collection from the best source for historic  Pokémon cards on eBay.  Train on!

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